Life One Financial is helping financial advisors build their own successful practice in the Canadian market.

Become a Life One Financial Advisor.

As one of Canada’s premier financial services companies with a long and successful history, Life One Financial is a partner of choice for clients, advisors and leading financial companies. We are known for our professional approach and growth-driven structure that allows our associates to build a successful practice helping families achieve their financial goals.

We welcome financial advisors and career seekers from a wide range of backgrounds and all walks of life. Many people do not realize that the financial industry is a good fit, so we are here to show you how.

As part of the team at Life One Financial, you will have the advantage of:

Flexible Work Hours

Take full control of your work life balance  and determine how and when you do business to achieve your full potential. Benefit from unparalleled work-life balance that improves your quality of life and gives you complete freedom over your time.

Career Control

Become part of an incentive-driven, professional and supportive entrepreneurial environment, that allows you to implement your drive  to determine your income and drive your career forward.

Industry-Leading Training

Gain access to recognized specialists in the field who will guide your through Canada’s complex financial services market to realize your professional success. Operate confidently with a strong and talented team of managers and specialists that provides support, training and resources to take your career to the next level.

Mentorship and Support

Benefit from our mentorship and support programs led by experienced colleagues that are specifically designed to assist advisors during their first appointments and year of business. We create an environment where associates learn from the very best.

Exceptional Income Potential

t Life One Financial, your earnings potential is virtually limitless as it is determined by your hard work and drive. As you advance in your career,you will enjoy an even greater income . We provide all necessary resources, information and partnerships with on going commissions, qualified financial advisors a reality. Participate in benefit programs that include travel insurance, group insurance, investment and wealth management

Community Involvement

Make a difference in your local community through the active involvement in programs and incentives designed to make a positive change in people’s lives and see this grow your reputation and professional success as a result. Life One Financial offers its advisors a real opportunity to establish a variable-income and self-employed business in association in the Canadian market.